DITA is Changing: Keeping track of SVG changes in your DITA content

DITA 1.3 introduces a ‘native’ <svg-container> element that allows seamless integration of SVG within your DITA content. The representation of change and versioning information using the ‘rev’ and ‘status’ attributes on DITA elements is well understood, but how can we manage change in SVG and other ‘imported’ grammars?

This presentation looks at possible techniques for detecting and representing change in non-DITA content embedded in, or referenced by, your DITA topics. In addition to SVG changes, it will consider other content within the <foreign> element as well as references to binary data, such as images.

What can attendees expect to learn?

An understanding of the importance of detecting change not just in DITA content but also in other content. An accurate, reliable view of content change can significantly speed up and improve the editorial/review process and in many contexts it is appropriate or even mandatory to provide customers as well as end-users with a (sophisticated) view of content change.

An understanding of how change can be represented in DITA. This will be covered in an introductory summary.

Meet the Presenter


Tristan is DeltaXML’s Product Manager with responsibility for future product direction. Over the last 10 years, his work as a Senior Developer and Solutions Architect for DeltaXML has given him a deep understanding of the products and a passion for helping customers to make the most out of those products. Tristan is also a father of three beautiful girls, a movie-lover, and a keen runner.

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