Make Your Component Content Management System Go the Extra Mile

Modular documentation inevitably entails managing a great number of objects and relationships. Is your team spending countless hours on routine management tasks? Are you following the CCMS’ vendor’s recommended way of working or have you tweaked various concepts to better fit your company’s needs? If so, you may find the system lacking in just the kind of functionality you would need. Before you resign to the idea that you can’t have everything, let’s pop the hood and check what kind of API interface your system provides. API, or Application Programming Interface, are well-defined extension points that many vendors offer, but you may not necessarily have heard much about. These allow us to script interactions with the CCMS, with a view to producing reports but also for CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete). This way we can automate the execution of various tasks according to the precise logic we define ourselves.

The presentation is illustrated with practical examples of utilizing the API of SDL KCCM 2016.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Hopefully the presentation will be an eye-opener that it is often possible to get more mileage out of an existing system (provided that it has a public, documented API). My experience is that many managers are not even aware of the possibility, instead the mindset is often that a system is bought because it has features X, Y and Z out of the box. What if the system can be extended? That is the seed I want to plant in the audience’s mind.

Meet the Presenter

joakimnybackJoakim Nyback is a Multilingual technical communication professional with 15 years of experience from content creation, documentation project management, selling and implementing technical communication solutions, key account management and coaching of information architects.

Specialties include: Single sourcing, content reuse, metrics, information architecture, documentation technology.

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