CCMS or Not? Experience from both sides

This presentation gives an insight into the implementation of a CCMS in an existing infrastructure with well-running DITA-based software information production processes in a fully commercial environment, with reasons, outcomes, benefits and challenges that a CCMS adoption brings.


  • Reasons and considerations for a CCMS adoption
  • Benefits vs challenges using a CCMS
  • Implementation roadmap and decision points
  • Why use/test cases for a CCMS selection are key
  • Implementation challenges

Lessons learned from CCMS selection, testing, configuration, integrations

What can attendees expect to learn?

This presentation will reveal a real CCMS implementation story with all its challenges – not only benefits – that should help the audience prepare the necessary homework before a CCMS adoption is considered. It will give them ideas, tips and recommendations to do the essential steps that would help them make well informed decisions before and during a CCMS implementation.

Meet the Presenter


Nicholas Lences works as a Technical Communications System Architect at Schlumberger. He is responsible for defining architecture of information systems and overseeing the implementation of new tools and technologies. He has over 16 years of experience in designing and implementing XML-based information production frameworks and publishing systems as well as end-to-end content format conversion solutions.

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