Building a Believable Business Case to Drive a Content Strategy

“In God we trust, all others bring data” W.E Deming. Deming believed that data measurement and analysis were essential to attaining superior performance in every facet of business. This presentation explores the benefits of data analysis to root cause your content issues and identify possible solutions using simple business process analytical tools. Rashmi and Liane show how to make a compelling business case for a content strategy make over and above all, improve the performance of your content in the eyes of the customer. When strategy change is data driven, even the most sceptical decision-makers sit up and take notice. And, when you can come at it from a business angle (with data) and provide customer insight, you become the catalyst that drives change in an organisations content strategy.

What can attendees expect to learn?

This presentation benefits all who want to change their documentation approach or strategy. As we walk you through our journey of content transformation and experience of using six-sigma tools to make the perfect business case, you’ll learn: what we learnt, how we did, the tools we used, the results we saw, and how you could repeat the same process successfully on drastically different content types.


Meet the Presenters

Rashmi Ramaswamy is an Information Architect with Innovatia. She has led several transformation efforts with the focus being on customer centric design.

Rashmi and her teams have worked with clients to create standards and templates, plan and implement task and topic-oriented user information deliverables, manage and deliver quality programs, and research information architecture, design, and delivery to support innovation, structured authoring/DITA, single-sourcing, and “just in time” content.

A highly-motivated practitioner, Rashmi is devoted to developing employees’ skill sets, enabling and cultivating innovative thinking in content design and implementation, and delivering products that exceed client priorities and objectives.



Liane is Country Head and member of the board at Innovatia head quartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She is an alumni of INSEAD business school where she studied General Management. She is also a Six Sigma Black Belt. She set up Innovatia India in 2012 with a desire to develop and maintain a centre of excellence for Innovatia in India with focus on Innovation, ROI, and Customer and Employee Satisfaction. Innovatia currently runs four verticals in India – Documentation design and delivery; Enterprise product support for high-end telecom solutions; Learning Solutions and R&D for Innovatia products.

Prior to Innovatia, Liane was with Dell, Bangalore in the Research & Development team, where she handled several lines of business including documentation for Solutions and Software Development, Hardware and Consumer Products. She obtained four Patents at Dell which are recognized by the Dell Patent Management Committee.

Liane is a passionate strategist who creates her own path and leads teams by example. Her strength lies in understanding complex business situations and innovating ways to succeed. She enjoys bringing best practices from various industries and transforming them into frameworks which can be implemented to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Liane strongly believe that integrity, work ethics, team collaboration and transparency makes an organization and individual successful.

Travel and landscape iPhone photography are her passions. She loves visiting new places and understanding different cultures and people.


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