Wax On, Wax Off: Mastering the art of content management, one commit at a time

Unlike a decade ago, Information Development organizations today face few barriers to entry if they want to develop structured content in a DITA-based ecosystem. With the increasing adoption of Git as a content platform, and the maturation of DITA-focused products like oXygen, the tools available on the market have removed many of the cost barriers to implementing DITA in an elegant and scalable way. Whether it’s just a stop on a longer-term transition to a cCMS or the final destination, a mostly open-source DITA tool chain can be a valuable proving ground for a sophisticated content strategy, and the technical writers who execute it. In this presentation, you’ll learn how process, information design, scalable repository design, and smart use of oXygen and Git can not only be a short-term solution, but one that can also serve as a final destination for teams of all sizes.

Meet the Presenter

Frank Miller is Founder, President, and Principal at Ryffine. He has been serving in the structured content industry since 2005, working closely with information development professionals to transform their content and their organizations.

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