DITA Surprise: Unpacking authoring best practices

DITA is designed to help writers produce consistent, easy-to-find, easy-to-consume content that is directly tailored to the user’s needs. This talk clarifies the best practices that are baked into the DITA standard: modularity, topic typing, mechanisms for reuse and conditions, single source, specialization… and how these principles impact the way writers design and create content. Technical writers and managers who are new to structured content and DITA will learn how it works in practice. The talk is in a show-and-tell format, and examples include migration samples to DITA “live.”

Meet the Presenter

Nolwenn Kerzreho is IXIASOFT’s technical account manager for EMEA and has over a decade of experience in the technical communication industry. An international speaker and author, Nolwenn helps documentation teams industrialize, rationalize and automate their documentation production to publish to web, mobile and print faster, enhance content consistency, reduce time-to-market and costs within controlled processes.
You can usually find Nolwenn behind her desk, at the IXIASOFT booth or speaking at various industry events, visiting customers around Europe or teaching at University Rennes 2, where she introduced the new curriculum for technical communication in 2012. Based in France, Nolwenn has international work experience in the chemical, Telecom, language, and high-tech industries.

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