More than One Output? And what about linking?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if links between two outputs of the same documentation set didn’t have to be external links? If they behaved just like topic-to-topic links within the same output? No need to update these links when there’s a new version of an output. And even better – these links would also automatically be checked whether they work at all.

We had to solve this challenge for our DITA environment. Our documentation sets consist of multiple outputs that come in different formats, such as HTML5, PDF, CHM, or Eclipse help. Constant versioning goes without saying. Output-to-output linking is a must.
See how we use key-based linking. And find out how we implemented a project map, that contains the necessary data to create and validate these links at build time.

Meet the Presenter

Carsten Brennecke is User Assistance Architect in the central User Assistance Strategy & Services team at SAP since more than 15 years. He has a strong background and long-year experience in info architecture and coordination of large software documentation sets as well as in DITA-based documentation creation.

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