DITA for All – The Wex Demo

Bringing the rest of the organization into the structured content lifecycle has been a challenge for the DITA community since the very beginning. With more content being produced by non-technical writers such as programmers, engineers, and SMEs, DITA vendors have a responsibility to make the the tools more transparent and make the technologies emulate the mainstream tools such as MS Word, Wikis, or Google Docs. This presentation will focus on a web-based module in the XDocs CCMS that allows everyone in the organization to participate in the content lifecycle

Meet the Presenter

Partner and a VP of Sales and Marketing at Bluestream Database Software.  Nenad has been working with XML and bringing XML related products to market for over 15 years.  Currently his primary professional interest lies in building and socializing a DITA-enabled component content management system called XDocs.  Nenad holds a BBA from Capilano University and MSc (Computer Science) from Dalhousie University.

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