Migrating a 20th Century CBT Program to HDITA and the Learning and Training Specializations

Created in 1994, our Canadian Natural Gas Installation Code CBT (http://www.gastraining.com/page.aspx?xml=page_products_b149cbt&language=en) was mainly hosted in an Access Database. By the end of the century, an interactive tutorial module was added to the program but, apart from a couple of content updates and the fact that we’re no longer shipping CD-ROMs, the package hasn’t changed much since.

While updating the medias for the upcoming 2020 edition presents a couple of challenges, the textual content is currently in the process of being migrated to HDITA for the tutorials and the full DITA L&T specializations for the Q&A modules.

You’re invited to join me for an overview of the conversion/migration process, some lightweight DITA first impressions and discussing our custom SCORM plugin development.

Meet the Presenter

As an information developer, trainer and SME in the natural gas industry, Raymond has been working on information products and training for the last 30 years. Recently retired from Énergir where he lead a DITA L&T implementation using the Ixiasoft CCMS, he now works full time through Formédia, helping clients with document management and structured writing projects, DITA content architecture, transformation and publishing.

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