When Your Narrative Document Becomes Law

Robert offers a case study explaining what has driven changes to the DITA Specification over the years:
— Started out as a narrative user guide + reference manual
— Over time it grew up; regulatory rules changed, audience changed, original document was too loose
— How do you cope / how did we cope when our whole content strategy needs to change?
— Things that worked, things that didn’t
— What we are doing new for 2.0

Meet the Presenter

Robert D Anderson has spent nearly 20 years working on SGML/XML publishing tools at IBM, nearly all of that with the DITA XML format. He helps lead the DITA Open Toolkit, and has contributed to the project from its first day as an open source project. Robert also writes about DITA and is the co-editor of the DITA specification at OASIS, making him one of those rare developers who spends most days using the tools that he supports.

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