Foster Success with Agile DITA Localization

One of the primary metrics for measuring the success of a techpub department is on-time delivery. This has prompted content publishers, especially in the software industry, to opt for Agile DITA content authoring, with the technical writers taking part in the design scrum teams.

In a global context with DITA content in 10 to 30 languages, Agile DITA localization can be the path to success for the techpub team. It will shorten the overall time to market from months to weeks and even days in all languages if the content structure and localization processes comply with best practices. The magic works on software applications, documentation and online help.

How do you implement it? The secret lies in combining the power of DITA and advanced localization expertise. In this presentation, I’ll carry out a demo showing how to use single sourcing, keyrefs and the UI table to ensure that content is up-to-date in every language on-the-fly, not only for the instructions, but also for the graphics and the screenshots.

Meet the Presenter

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Dominique is CEO of WhP since 2005. Before joining WhP, Dominique managed several multinational operations in Europe, the US and South America. Based in Montreal, Dominique strives to make localization rhyme with innovation. His passion for DITA has led him to position WhP as a specialist in DITA localization to help customers enhance multilingual DITA content generation. The company designs advanced solutions that bridge the gap between DITA and localization processes, leveraging content reuse and collaborative linguistic review.
Dominique is an active member of the DITA community, both on and offline and a fervent long-distance cyclist.
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