How to Align Your DITA-Enabled Content Strategy with Established De Facto Standard TC Tools!

InfoParse made strategical choices to further accommodate current content developer’s choices in structured authoring tools they currently use. In this, presentation, I will show currently developing REST API based Adobe FrameMaker connector to Bluestream XCMS.

Meet the Presenter

Tetsuya Sekine is a founder and a president of an independent content strategy organization in Japan. Partnering with partners in Europe, US and APAC, InfoParse has been providing “DITA enabled Smart Intelligent Content Solution”, based on AX focused structured content development framework and component content management technology. InfoParse has been implementing Bluestream XCMS for years and has been customizing & added values to related components, including oXygen, Content Mapper, FrameMaker, IdXML, SuiteHelp, and more. Mr. Sekine has been known as “Mr. DITA Japan”, contributing his times as volunteer to OASIS TC community for years and DITA vendor community starting from SDL.

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