The Phoenix from the Ashes: Building a content strategy from scratch at Automation Anywhere

Learn how the Automation Anywhere Documentation Team built a content strategy from virtually nothing. Follow their journey over the course of one year as they:
– Built a rockstar team to deliver product documentation
– Adopted a new authoring infrastructure, migrated content to DITA, and implemented a documentation toolchain with versioning and automated build servers
– Defined a taxonomy, established new content standards, and introduced developmental editing
– Partnered with external platform host to provide a fantastic user experience

Meet the Presenter

Kathy likes to create order and find balance where there is none, and an organization that lacks content strategy, people, process, or tools is her muse. From her work at companies like SAP and ServiceNow, she’s developed an extensive bag of tricks to deliver content solutions that improve the user experience. Kathy puts those tools to good use in her current role as the Director of Product Documentation at Automation Anywhere, a role that has allowed her to build an amazing team to produce and support content for some of the most innovative software being developed today.

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