CSS and XSL-FO: Two roads, one destination

When it comes to styling DITA for PDF transformations, the stylesheet language that gets used most often is XSL-FO. This might be because the DITA Open Toolkit uses XSL-FO as the primary path for PDF transformation and has built-in support for several FO processors. But there is another way to achieve a pretty PDF with DITA-OT: CSS. CSS is becoming more commonly used for print because of its simplicity and new DITA adopters are taking this alternate path instead of the traditional XSL-FO. Antenna House’s formatting engine, AH Formatter, supports both XSL-FO and CSS so customers have options to choose from. In this Test Kitchen, we will talk about the differences between XSL-FO and CSS, explore different plugin options, customize stylesheets, and demonstrate how each process works using the DITA-OT and AH Formatter.

Meet the Presenter

Celina Huang is a Sales & Marketing Specialist at Antenna House, a leader in the field of document formatting and conversion. She has 9 years of experience managing several next generation software products and specializes in XML related technologies.

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