DITA’s next step: From technical to sales at Coriolis Composites

When an industrial start-up aspires to maturity, it might just set the spotlight on its information processes. How does it sell, manufacture and maintain its products? Technical communication is of course key, both in-house and with its clients. By centralizing product specifications and standardizing sales content, a company can smooth out its manufacturing processes and get ahead of its competitors by responding rapidly and precisely to calls for tender.

What can attendees expect to learn?

At Coriolis Composites, manufacturer of robotic fibre placement cells, user documentation is published in seven languages using DITA XML. In 2016, Coriolis decided to place technical writing at the heart of its content management strategy, turning to its existing DITA-CCMS solution to rethink the way it publishes sales proposals.

This presentation looks at the benefits and challenges of implementing a company-wide content management system in an international industrial setting. How to standardize not only technical but also commercial and legal content? How to get SME’s involved in the life cycle of their content? What resources are available and how long will it take? We will take a look at the different facets of technical and sales content creation and the implications for industrial success.

Who is presenting?

Henrietta is an independent consultant based in France and specialized in technical communication and multilingual content management. She helps companies to structure their content and channel information through from product design to after-sales support. With experience in machine automation and software development, she is fascinated by DITA and CCMS implementation, technical terminology and the problematics of the industrial environment.

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