From DITA tables to dynamic SVG

Tables play an important role in organizing certain types of information, and presenting it to consumers in a structured way. However, there are limitations in terms of how much information can be consumed easily, and data visualization becomes ever more important.

How can we introduce data visualization for DITA source content, while maintaining easy and fully integrated translation processes? A solution is to dynamically generate the visualization from table data, using SVG graphics, which also allows to include interactive elements.

In this session, we will go through the entire process, from maintaining table data in the DITA source, to creating and including custom JavaScript code for rendering the graphics in the html output.

Who is presenting?

Sven Leukert, VP for User Assistance at SAP, is responsible for a central unit providing strategy, infrastructure and services to all teams creating user assistance at SAP. A strong focus is on DITA-related tools and processes, and recently also on building a content delivery platform for all of SAP’s user assistance.

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