A realistic approach to structured writing and structured mark-up for the enterprise

Doug will present a summary of a structured writing methodology that meets the needs of both non-technical authors and technical staff implementing DITA. The significant opportunity to adopt modern content authoring, repository, and publishing processes outside of Tech Pubs requires a simple approach to structuring content for the reader combined with an XML architecture that is largely hidden in the background.  With a focus on Topic-based writing, Doug will present a comprehensive approach to enterprise content development.  He will further the idea that a simple adoption of these facilities at the enterprise level will foster cost-effective adoption of new processes and technologies.  Equally important, it will improve organizational efficiency, compliance, and the performance of people who use content.

Who is presenting?

Over a 24-year period, Doug Gorman commercialized the structured writing methodology developed by Bob Horn, bringing that methodology to more than 250,000 people in more than 40 countries. Over that period he developed, adopted, and promoted enabling technologies to improve information development and use. He worked with Lucent Technologies and SGML in the 90’s to improve the quality of documentation and time to market for manufactured telephone switches.  The subsequent decade saw XML implemented as a standard architecture for technical publications.  Since the spin-off of Simply XML from Information Mapping during an acquisition, he has focused on structured mark-up combined with structured authoring for the improvement of enterprise content and non-technical authors who use Microsoft Word.


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