What’s new in FontoXML 7!

In October 2017, FontoXML 7 will be released. It offers a fundamentally renewed technical base, opening up even more smooth authoring for SME’s. Furthermore, FontoXML now offers:

– History and Audit trail view
– One-click review and commenting
– Integration-by-configuration
– MSWord content round trip
– Graphical authoring of Learning and Training content

Join FontoXML’s technology kitchen to see, try an feel DITA authoring for everyone.

Meet the presenter


Jan Benedictus has been working in structured content since 1996. As founder of web-agency “Liones” he has helped many publishers migrate from paper to online publishing. In 2012 Jan founded FontoXML, web-based XML editor for non-XML experts. He and his team develop and implement structured authoring solutions for many different organizations.


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