Reaching out to your SMEs and reviewers


You rely on reviewers, because good documentation needs quality review. Do you make it hard for your SMEs by asking them to learn a doc tool, download PDFs, or hunt for new text? Do you ask them to review the same content over and over because you can’t track change at the level you need? When you find bugs in your content, can you trace back to the review?

If you want to make it easy on your SMEs, and improve your visibility into the review phase, come and see IXIASOFT’s new light authoring tool. SMEs can track changes, add comments, and write content, just as they do in their favorite word processing app. Fine-tune SME access to source content, ranging from basic commenting through to full co- authoring of your sophisticated DITA content. Use the CCMS workflow to assign reviewers, track review on a topic-by-topic basis, and mark as complete so you never ask your SME to review the same content twice.

The audience will be able to have a hands-on experience during the session – come and join us!

Meet the presenter

Nolwenn Kerzreho is the Technical Account Manager for Europe for IXIASOFT and has over a decade years of experience in the technical communication industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Technical Communication, Translation, Terminology and Project Management.

A speaker at international events, author of several technical articles, contributor to the forthcoming Current Practices and Trends in Technical Communication, Nolwenn teaches technical communication and structured content at several leading universities in France.

Nolwenn has international work experience in the chemical, Telecom, language, and high-tech industries. Connect on Twitter @nolwennIXIASOFT

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