Oh no, there’s a developer in my source code!

Our Content Development team had problems – a reduced team, increased demands on team members, and an ailing, security-noncompliant review tool. It was only a matter of time before things went wrong.

In anticipation of this, we made the first move, and opened up our source code to our development and test team. We provided education sessions to as many people as we could, and enabled developers and testers to deliver edits for small changes, for example, updating a parameter value.

This talk covers the thought process behind the initiative, case studies from developers and testers, and our lessons learned.

Who is presenting?

Abi came to work in IBM in 2013, and became a content developer in 2014. She has since worked on CICS and Bluemix, and is now working for CICS again. She has cross-industry experience, and has previously run her own business. In her spare time, she runs marathons, makes clothes, rides horses, and writes fiction.

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