DITA Specialization – What’s best practice?

Presentation Abstract

The DITA specialization mechanism offers users to create a DITA environment which fits their needs. But after the requirements analysis it can occur that a lot of special needs should be implemented. And then the question arise: Do you need semantic elements or do you prefer to work with attributes properly with a special value list? What is the best practice? And how do you make the specialization for one or other?
Birgit has made different specializations with these different approaches and she will discuss the plus and minus points of both.

What can attendees expect to learn?

The presentation will give more information about different approaches to specialize DITA for the same kind of content.

It will not only be a presentation of Birgit’s experiences but should be a discussion to see what the community thinks is best practice.

Meet the Presenter

Birgit Strackenbrock is working as freelance information analyst and XML Schema developer. She has worked for several publishers to help them creating and managing structured content. She has experience with structuring content and developing DITA specializations on behalf of the client’s needs.

Birgit is member of the OASIS Sub Committee (SC) DITA Training & Learning

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