The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Project Team

Presentation Abstract

During this presentation, I’ll be going through the questions that Project Managers currently ask their team and how we can change this questions to get better, more effective answers from our team. I’ll show through very practical examples what the difference can make to a team’s productivity, their motivation on a project and more importantly the success of your projects.

My presentation is based on feedback and knowledge from lots of project management experts and peers who have contributed in various ways.

What can attendees expect to learn?

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:
(1) review the issues that project managers find when transitioning to scrum master;
(2) identify the strategies that you can implement in your own projects to resolve issues that you face.

Meet the Presenter

Emily Luijbregts is a Project Manager and Scrum Master who loves to share knowledge with the wider Project Management Community. She believes that people are the key to any project and its success, and likes to mentor others to become better, more effective Project Managers.

Emily has over 10 years experience in managing multinational projects across various european countries and global cultures. She enjoys learning about different cultures and how we can use each other’s cultures to strengthen your project team.

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