Is Content Delivery Possible w/o Breaching New Data-Privacy Regulations

Presentation Abstract

With the adoption of new privacy regulations (the EU’s GDPR, the US’s Privacy Shield, and others), regulatory bodies are going to pressure the internet industry into a regime of strict consumer protections. If companies want to be part of lucrative and growing markets, they are going to have to comply with these new regulations, designed to protect customers’ privacy. Requiring opt-in to data gathering, rather than onerous opt-out; making it easier to move your data to a preferred carrier; enhanced data protection measures and requirements; transparency about data breaches; the appointment of data protection officers; and severe penalties; are just some of regulators’ new gifts to the consumer. We will review the constraints imposed by these major regulations, what they mean in terms of features and architecture in content delivery platforms, and how enterprises can retool to meet them and compete successfully.

What can attendees expect to learn?

We will introduce you to new global privacy rules and explore how they will impact your operations, how your content delivery platform will be affected and the R&D you will need to manage your users’ data. This is a reformulation of your relationship with your customers’ data, and we will tell you what your next steps should be.

Meet the Presenter

Fabrice Lacroix is the founder of Antidot, the company that puts enterprise content to work. A serial entrepreneur, he has been working for 25 years on the development of solutions that help customers make the most of their content and enhance their operating efficiency.



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