Efficient Publication

Presentation Abstract

Good quality documentation is one of the most important sales tools within the semiconductor industry. The documentation needs to mirror the quality of our discretes and ICs themselves to convince our customers to select them for their product designs. Within Nexperia our technical documentation process is highly coupled with our website for efficient and consistent publication. In this presentation the business case, team organization, standards/taxonomies and processes will be explained. Finally the selected tools and experience with them will be shortly discussed.

What can attendees expect to learn?

The presentation will explain how a deploy of the DITA standard as the heart of technical documentation benefits internally and external publication. The main publication channels are pdf (printed) documentation and the product catalog on the Nexperia website (>10.000 products). Furthermore it shows that structured documentation gives efficiency in our industry. This model can also be used in other domains.

Meet the Presenter

Herman Elenbaas has a wide experience in adopting standards and deploy them in organizations. Herman worked in different standardization bodies (W3C, CEA and other industrial standardization initiatives). Apart from component content management he is also interested in (open) linked data (enterprise data hub). Currently he is working as a product information manager at Nexperia, a global semiconductor company (Nexperia Website).


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