Restructuring DITA

Presentation Abstract

As DITA projects grow larger, making manual changes to improve the structure of your content will become more and more time-consuming.

Sometimes you may need to rename IDs, modify various parts of the XML structure, convert from direct references to key based references, or make all sorts of corrections and improvements to the document structure.

Instead of manually changing lots of files to solve your particular problem, you can use XSLT stylesheets to perform project-wide automatic changes.

In this presentation we’ll go through lots of examples in which performing automatic changes to lots of DITA topics saves a lot of time and increases the overall consistency of the project.

What can attendees expect to learn?

We’ll discuss lots of real-world examples in which using XSLT to perform batch changes to a DITA project saves time:

– Identifying and replacing product names with key references
– Renaming keys
– Replacing conrefs and hrefs with conkeyrefs and keyrefs
– Extracting inner sections or topics to new files.
– Change between CALS and simple tables
– Sort tables
– Sort glossentry references in the DITA Map
– Extract topic references to a new DITA Map
– Convert attributes like img @alt to elements
– Adding language attributes to all topics
– Convert between DITA Maps and Bookmaps

Meet the Presenter

Radu Coravu started working more than 10 years ago as a software developer for Syncro Soft Ltd., the manufacturer of the popular Oxygen XML Editor. During the last years, his main focus has been in the development of the visual XML Author editing environment and the specific-DITA support provided by Oxygen. He provides support for complex integrations and helps steer the product in the right direction, all this with some development on the side.

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