DITA is Only for Documentation? No

Presentation Abstract

You can create more than documentation out of DITA. In this session you will see how you can create graphical journeys through your content. You will find out based on an example of learning content:

– how you can define your DITA source to contain the necessary data in a form-based way
– how you can create an easy to use reporting of your created content
– make it easy for your SME to define the journey
– get a graphical visualization of your standard DITA Open Toolkit output that illustrates the journey for your customers and allows them to get all relevant information in an interactive way

See how this process works fully automated. SMEs can update their content as needed and test it. And as soon as the content successfully passed the testing, the SME can push it into the productive loop and the journeys for the customers get updated.

What can attendees expect to learn?

We’ll show how you can use DITA in a flexible way to allow your SME’s to create content that is visualized in an appealing way to your customers. Get new ideas how you can enhance the usage of your DITA environment to support new use cases. This session is connected to a second one with the focus on the visualization aspect.

Meet the Presenter

Carsten Brennecke is User Assistance Architect in the central User Assistance Strategy-Services team at SAP since more than 15 years. He has a strong background and long-year experience in info architecture and coordination of large software documentation sets as well as in DITA-based documentation creation.



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