Content Delivery Solution Checklist

Presentation Abstract

This presentation explores the benefits of having a content delivery solution and looks at two sides of the implementation process – what content publishers need and what end users expect from a system. Real-world examples are used to provide a checklist of requirements that can help companies decide what’s initially important and how the system might evolve over time.

What can attendees expect to learn?

In this presentation the audience will learn what features are important when implementing a content delivery solution, the evolutionary approaches taken by some companies, and what end users expect.

Meet the Presenter

Mark has worked with many customers implementing DITA-based content delivery solutions, and leading the technical requirements of Congiliy’s DITAweb solution. As well as DITAweb, Mark has also led the development of IdXML, a plugin for publishing DITA into Adobe InDesign. His experience and knowledge of DITA, and involvement in DITAweb since its inception has led to him becoming the CTO of Mekon’s Congility division.

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