Formatting Languages Is Easy As Pie With DITA-OT and PDF5-ML Plugin!

Presentation Abstract

Join in on this Technology Test Kitchen if you would like to see how quick and easy it is to publish multilingual documents using the DITA Open Toolkit. This is an introduction to a powerful, yet simple method of customizing PDF output from DITA using Antenna House’s PDF5-ML plugin. See how specific language formatting can be automatically generated by simply modifying external style definition files so you can focus more attention on writing your DITA content.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Participants who have worked with the DITA Open Toolkit know the struggles of using the default PDF plugin to transform DITA into PDF output. There are a lot of steps when generating a PDF using the default plugin, it’s hard to change stylesheets and even harder to maintain those changes. We want to show a better and easier option that Antenna House has designed, especially for those producing documentation in multiple languages.

Meet the Presenter

Celina Huang is a Sales Marketing Specialist at Antenna House, Inc., a leader in the field of document formatting and conversion. She has 8 years of experience managing several next generation software products and promotes them to the global market.


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