Ask Not What Your DITA-OT Can Do for You…

Presentation Abstract

(…ask what your vendor can do for DITA-OT!)

Join one of the DITA Open Toolkit project leads for the latest on DITA-OT:
– What new features should you be taking advantage of?
– What changes are coming in the future?
– What do you need to put in to DITA-OT if you want to get more out of it?
– How is the project managed, now and for the future?
– How can you (and your DITA vendors!) help ensure the long term stability of the project?

What can attendees expect to learn?

DITA Open Toolkit is a critical piece of the overall DITA infrastructure, supporting key functionality across a wide variety of vendor products. From the earliest days, the development and support team for DITA-OT has always been small. While this fact has caused some people to worry, it also presents an opportunity: any new participant in the project has a chance to help determine where it goes in the future.

Along with a general overview of the latest changes to DITA-OT, this session will help you discover how to be that new voice—either directly, or through your DITA consultants and vendors. Together we can ensure the toolkit continues to grow and remain healthy for the future.

Meet the Presenter

Robert D Anderson has spent 19 years working on SGML/XML publishing tools at IBM, nearly all of that with the DITA XML format. He helps lead the DITA Open Toolkit, and has contributed to the project from its first day as an open source project. Robert also writes about DITA and is the co-editor of the DITA specification at OASIS, making him one of those rare developers who spends most days using the tools that he supports.

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