Adopting AR/VR in the Engg and Manufacturing World

Presentation Abstract

Our talk will focus on the advent of AR/VR in the Engg and Manufacturing World: How to enable a POC imbibing AR/VR technology in your organisation – while leveraging existing assets and business systems. We will also touch upon the general business applications of AR and how the arrival of cheaper AR technology and AR-enabled mobile devices has increased adoption of AR tech in the consumer and business worlds. We will touch upon business applications in the engineering domain, including collaborative design reviews enabled by VR tech.

What can attendees expect to learn?

We will showcase a working pilot of a real business problem solved with application of Virtual Reality in our organisation – with minimal capital expenditure and leveraging existing integrated business systems. Business applications of AR in the consumer world will develop the connect and the context needed for the audience to start thinking or refining their ideas about business applications. Information Developers need to stay abreast of this step change with AR/VR radically changing the way information will be consumed and authored for the end-audience.

Meet the Presenters

Rashmi Achha is a Sr. Information Developer – working for Schlumberger in the drilling part of its business. Rashmi has about 7 years of core experience in information development and architecture, while having exposure to a varied set of domains including aviation, hi-tech software, telecom, and manufacturing. Rashmi has presented at various forums in India regarding the advent and adoption of AR/VR and is actively involved in piloting this technology for a while now.


Basu Pillai is the metier manager and the IT business systems owner for TechCom Infrastructure for Schlumberger. Prior to Schlumberger, Basu was instrumental in setting up cross-functional teams performing pre-sales, UI, UX, and Techcom activities for various sectors such as banking, Data Center software companies, and service companies across US, EU, and India.

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