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Adobe9-15 Adobe has revolutionized how the world engages with ideas and information. Our award-winning software and technologies have set the gold standard in communication and collaboration for more than 30 years. Adobe’s Technical Communication group delivers best-in-class tools, systems and services that help businesses streamline content workflows end-to-end. With our cutting-edge solutions, teams can effortlessly collaborate on the creation of ground-breaking content, manage and reuse assets efficiently, and seamlessly publish it across multiple channels and devices. Published content can be tailored to audiences, increasing relevance and consumption. All this, and more, while offering the highest return on investment.

With the convergence of marketing and technical content across enterprises – Adobe’s new-age solutions will empower your organization to create valuable experiences that build your brands, drive demand, and extend the reach and ROI of customer-facing content, pre-sale and post-sale.

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Antenna House Formatter is the most powerful and widely used XSL-FO formatting software available for meeting the demanding needs of organizations to automatically produce complex page layouts and multilingual documents. Using the DITA Open Toolkit, Antenna House Formatter and the newly released  PDF5-ML plugin from Antenna House, organizations can quickly turn their DITA content into PDF and print documents.

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Astoria Software Astoria Software is the world’s most successful Enterprise solution for XML Component Content Management to help companies engage with their customers. Cisco Systems, Xylem, ITT, Siemens Healthcare, Northrop Grumman, LexisNexis, ShoreTel, and other Forbes Global 2000 organizations rely on the Astoria platform to build meaningful, purposeful customer experiences around complex, business-critical content and documents. The Astoria platform’s reach extends to its web-based portal and to its mobile-device apps, forming an end-to-end solution that includes authoring, content management, and rendering systems, fully integrated and delivered on public or private clouds. Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, Inc., is based in San Francisco, California.
Bluestream’s flagship product is the XDocs Component Content Management System (CCMS), a standards-compliant single-sourcing solution that enables technical communicators to create, manage, and store large volumes of both XML and non-XML content. XDocs enables organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of DITA at a lower cost than the competition while providing a comparable or better quality system—thus offering unparalleled value.

Bluestream customers range from Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental DITA solutions to small businesses containing single author documentation teams.

Bluestream has been in business since 1997 and has customers in many verticals, among them software, oil and gas, health care, military, manufacturing, and finance.

Componize is a DITA content management system that optimizes the authoring, management and publishing of high-volume product information such as product documentation or learning content. Combining enterprise-wide collaboration, ease of use, scalability and an open architecture, it provides the full range of features that organizations need today for their content strategy. Spend less time organizing, searching for and re-doing content, and more time creating real value through better reuse and faster multi-channel production. Componize is today modernizing information development for AMD, SAP and Merck, among others.
For over 35 years, Comtech Services has helped our clients design, create, and publish information products that meet the needs of their users. We offer a combination of training and consulting services to help you define and implement the infrastructure needed to meet the expectations of both your leadership and your users. At every point in the information development life cycle, we offer expert advice and guidance to help you improve your processes, get to know your audience, fine tune your content, and use the latest standards and technologies. From process maturity assessments, to information models, to stylesheets, you’ll find the support and training you need from our knowledgeable consulting team.

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congility-logo-20160204-outlines Congility provide solutions for the publishing and intelligent delivery of structured content.

DITAweb is an enhanced user experience platform, enabling flexible collaboration and the intelligent delivery of structured content.

Today’s customers expect self-service information, DITAweb’s capabilities mean users can at last benefit from the intelligence of your source content. By instantly presenting the correct topics DITAweb eliminates the need to trawl through large documents for relevant information.

Rich API’s enable integration with core systems, mobile devices, and software for online or embedded help. Analytics provide insight into trends about your content.

IdXML helps Designers work with complex DITA content without compromising their creativity by providing a method to import the structured content directly into Adobe InDesign. The Designer maintains control of the templates and Tech Pubs maintain control of the content. If the content changes it can be simply reimported into the now customized template and further enhancement can then take place as required.

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DitaExchange is committed to simplifying the way regulated organizations create, manage, share and deliver important content though structured content management solutions that are built to run on the SharePoint platform. A leader in Structured Content Management, DitaExchange is a privately held company headquartered in Denmark with locations around the world. For more information, visit www.ditaexchange.com

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Etteplan specializes in engineering, embedded systems, IoT, and technical documentation solutions. Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of our customers’ products including aerospace and defense, cleantech, energy (oil & gas), industrial machinery, manufacturing (discrete & process), medical devices, technology, transportation and the electricity generation and power transmission sectors.

We help customers optimize their technical documentation to increase cost efficiency, operational flexibly, improve customer experience, and provide advance software solutions like content checkers for (Simplified Technical English), service information systems, content management systems, and augmented reality solutions. In 2016 Etteplan had a turnover of EUR 183.9 million, we employ more than 2,500 experts in Europe, Asia and North America. Etteplan’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd under the ETT1V ticker.

Fluid Topics unlocks the delivery of technical content through any channel.

User guides, reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals and knowledge bases aren’t merely product documentation – they are also tools for winning business, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.

Fluid Topics is a revolutionary turnkey platform for dynamic content delivery: it transforms all forms of static documentation into a lively, simple and interactive online publishing system. Users can browse, read, search, annotate, comment, create alerts, send feedback to writers, and even create personalized documentation.

For more information and a free trial, visit http://www.fluidtopics.com

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fontoxml FontoXML is a super intuitive web-based XML editor supporting standards like DITA and TEI. FontoXML is all about user-friendly authoring of valid XML by occasional authors. The web-based XML editor adapts to your schema, your CMS infrastructure and the frontend that your authors are used to working in. A large variety of (free) Add-ons is available to complement FontoXML. They can be integrated using APIs or web services and can be extended over time. For more information on FontoXML features or architecture, please visit www.FontoXML.com or follow us: @FontoXML / LinkedIn
Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT is a trusted global leader in the XML content management software industry. Its signature product DITA CMS is an award winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) deployed by industry leaders such as SAP®, ARM®, AMD and BlackBerry®. From authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing, DITA CMS provides all the tools required for large, global organizations to support their entire DITA documentation process. IXIASOFT is also the developer of TEXTML Server, a native XML database and powerful search engine. IXIASOFT solutions are accessed by thousands of users worldwide in various vertical markets such as software, hi-tech, newspaper, and medical device manufacturing. For more information, please visit http://www.ixiasoft.com or connect with IXIASOFT on Twitter and LinkedIn. Already a DITA CMS user? Join the IXIASOFT DITA CMS User Group on LinkedIn.

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“All the power, one tenth of the time.”

That’s the deal with MiramoPDF for DITA.

Produce beautiful document designs in minutes, and change ’em quicker than changing your socks. Without encountering a line of XSL:FO.

Integrate MiramoPDF with any publishing environment, or slot it in with the DITA-OT and your XML editor and DITA CCMS of choice.

MiramoPDF is a no compromise solution. With its GUI template designer, you can design the document layouts you need and define all properties of text and graphic objects. All the power is in the user’s hands with a click of a mouse. No need for XSL:FO consultants or expertise.

MiramoPDF is a revolutionary solution that combines highest capabilities & flexibility with convenience and low implementation and maintenance costs.

Visit DITA Europe 2017 and see a miracle.

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oXygen provides a comprehensive suite of XML authoring, developing, publishing, and collaboration tools. The products are designed to accommodate a large variety of users, ranging from non-technical users to XML experts, and integrates all the major XML-based technologies (including DITA). They are available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc.) and in various different forms (as a desktop application, Eclipse plugin, or browser-based tool).

The suite of products include:

  • Oxygen XML Editor: All-in-one comprehensive XML authoring, publishing, and developing tool
  • Oxygen XML Author: User-friendly, visual XML authoring and publishing tool
  • Oxygen XML Web Author: Intuitive XML editing and reviewing tool in any modern web browser
  • Oxygen XML Developer: Industry-leading tool for designing XML Schema and transformation pipelines
  • Oxygen WebHelp: Convenient, interactive tool for publishing DITA and DocBook content on the web
  • Oxygen Content Fusion – Easy to use, flexible collaboration platform for any type of documentation workflow

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simplyxmllogo Simply XML offers Content Mapper, an easy to use Microsoft Word to XML authoring environment. We help SME’s, engineers, product managers, and other non-technical staff adopt modern authoring and publishing processes in support of content reuse and flexible publishing with DITA. The author sees Microsoft Word while the repository sees valid DITA XML. Content Mapper helps you take full control of Word and works in a complementary way with technical editors, CMSs, and various publishing options. In the DITA world we support the DITA Open Toolkit .and various legacy content conversion approaches. Content Mapper is an important component of any organization’s move to an XML architecture including the exciting new opportunities of Lightweight DITA.

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stilo_logo-converted Stilo provides exceptional tools to help organizations implement structured content solutions using XML. Our tools help organizations to automate the conversion of content to XML, author new content in XML format (particularly those with no knowledge of XML), and to build XML content processing components integral to enterprise-level publishing solutions. Products include OmniMark, a specialist programming language for developing high-performance XML/SGML content processing applications; Migrate, a unique cloud service that enables technical authoring teams to automate the conversion of their content to DITA and custom XML; and AuthorBridge, a web based XML editor that enables SMEs to easily create structured content. Its unique architecture provides a Guided + Fluid authoring experience that sets it apart from other XML editors. Operating from offices in the UK and Canada, we support commercial publishers, technology companies and government agencies around the world. For further information, please visit our website at www.stilo.com or follow @StiloInt on Twitter.

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At WhP, we help growing companies become global software and technical content publishers. The localization expertise we have built since 1994 enables us to provide the most advanced processes and make our customers’ localization simple and dependable. Our value added resides in our ability to plug our workflows directly onto the customer’s to deliver multilingual content seamlessly. We leverage tools such as translation memory matching and linguistic review to increase multilingual content quality and reduce costs. We localize all output and file formats and deliver launch-ready technical documents, software, websites, customer support and training material.
WIRIS Science — Design Science has joined forces with the WIRIS team! MathFlow currently works with oXygen, XMetaL, Arbortext, FrameMaker, and others on desktop computers. WIRIS Editor works with all web-based editors including Oxygen XML Web Author. Visit our booth in Berlin to learn more about our future plans and how that can benefit your organization.

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Xeditor allows technical writers and occasional contributors to create DITA content intuitively and efficiently. The user-friendly front end leads authors through a defined document structure with real-time validation – even offline. Our innovative JavaScript architecture also allows developers to customize and extend our ribbons, toolbars, and buttons. And our modern API allows for seamless integration into existing technologies and frameworks (CMS, DMS, PIM, etc.). Learn more at xeditor.com.

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Zoomin helps organizations provide an excellent digital experience for their technical documentation content, across all customer touch points quickly, easily and precisely. Global brands like Dell, ServiceNow, Hitachi and Cisco trust Zoomin to deliver their content to documentation portals, knowledge bases, call centers, search engines, customer communities and to devices that are connected to the Internet of Things.

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