Confluence® Wiki to DITA: How we did it

Moving from Confluence wiki to DITA? The actual conversion process can be less painful than you think. During this presentation, I will highlight the steps I followed to automatically convert our 3500-page wiki content to DITA, using Perl and a lot of regex. Live demonstration will be provided.

What can attendees expect to learn?
One of the biggest hurdles I faced when proposing to move our doc system from wiki to DITA was the common refrain that moving all our content would be too hard or labor-intensive. I am here to convince my audience that this is not the case and that the actual conversion process should not be in the “con” column when making such a decision.

Meet the Presenter

Bill Marcotte is currently a product manager for the hybris Commerce Accelerator. He is a former senior technical writer for hybris and can’t let go of the documentation world.



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