How To Live Well On Nothing a Year

Many publication teams working for small to medium-sized companies would like to transfer from a word-processing environment to an XML / CMS system but simply don’t have the budget, man-power or time. This is the story of how our small team dealt with those challenges through a mixture of improvisation, guesswork and sheer stubbornness to deliver a DITA system at minimal cost that eventually saved our company an annual six-figure sum. I will describe some things a small team can do by itself to make that transition work ─and some of the mistakes we made on the way.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Attendees from small companies facing the challenge of upgrading their system with very limited resources may be interested in hearing how we faced same challenge and how we did it – and about things we would not do again.

Meet the Presenter

john_davisWith over twenty years experience in the software industry, John Davis started as a computer programmer and then moved into technical writing in fields as diverse as mobile telephony, CORBA, C++ programming guides and medical technology for companies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany. He now works on information architecture for Brainlab AG based in Munich.

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